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. the letters sent out to potential students regarding the lawsuit filed against jerry sandusky. >> and herman cain dropping out of the race for the white house? when he says he'll make his final decision. an basketball fans gearing up. when nba players will be hitting the court. we'll let you know. >>> december, 1st, thursday, i'm charlie krauss. there's a look at downtown baltimore. this is something justin berk does so well every morning, showing you great sunrises. justin, this on the first pleat -- meteorological day of winter. rising from the east. setting in the west. >> we have great images to show you. it will be dark at night, bright during the day. that is a guaranteed forecast, right? first, yes, it's the start of meteorological winter and i wanted to look over some of the snow extremes. this will post on-line later today. notice typically january, february, our big snow month but a couple of years ago we challenged that record of just over 20 inches with a big storm that hit us during the second, third week of the month. yesterday on facebook i asked, are you interested in seeing
sexually abused two boys. >> it focused on jerry sandusky. former coach mike mcqueary came forward to testify what he saw jerry sandusky do during after hours. mcqueary said he was in a penn state shower room when he heard to slapping sounds like skin on skin. i looked in the mirror and saw jerry in the shower with a young boy. it stopped when he slammed the door and he told joe paterno that he had seen something way over the line. now the judge in today's hearing has decided that there is enough evidence to try both shultz and athletic director tim curley. reporting for abc2 news. >> stay with for the latest development in the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse case. >>> the fbi is opening a case. they're handing out sketches around the washington, d.c. area. they show a man known as the potomac river rapist. he is suspected in the rape. investigators are offering a $25,000 reward. >>> the director of the fbi has given an okay to move forward with the definition of rape. robert mueller said the updates will take effect in the spring. critics have said the way it is def
-year-old man who said sandusky abused him more than 100 times in the 1990s. jerry sandusky's inattorneys insist his client is innocent. sandusky told nbc news he only horsed around with the kids in the shower. according to his attorney he hired a private investigator to prove his innocence. >> he sat here with his mother and brother and said he was not a victim. he only had said he was the boy in the shower as far as he knew but he was not engaged in any sexual acts with jerry. >> right now jerry sandusky is free on $100,000 bail, charged with 40 counts we lated to the alleged sexual abuse. corrine redmond, abc2 news. >>> now what? scandal after scandal plagued herman cain's campaign during the last few weeks. defiant mr. kean cain blaming his critics. he says this is now an attempt to assassinate his character. when asked if he was still in the race - >> are you vowing to stay in this race? is that your message? >> we are re-assessing and re-evaluating. >> are you staying in the race? >> we are re-evaluating and re-assessing. >> how soon until we have a final answer on y
victimizing the people with his words. psu assistant coach jerry sandusky showered with the boy in the locker room even though sandusky was never charged, it left a mark on the young man who feels he's being victimized again. jerry sandusky is continuing to talk. he's facing 40 counts of child sexual abuse. in an interview with the "new york times" sandusky maintained his innocence saying his reported horsing around was not of a sexual nature. the attorney for one of the victims said by denying it, it's continuing to victimize the children. >> we're calling on sandusky's lawyer to stop this. stop this effort to manipulate. while he's trying to manipulate public, prospective jurors, he's bringing further abuse on the kids. >> reporter: the attorney represents a 24-year-old man known as victim number six, one of the first cases reported to psu officials and police in 1998. the mother of the young boy went to officials saying sandusky showered with her son naked in the locker room. sandusky said of that meeting, quote, this is how she started. you showered with him? do you shower with other kids
the weekend former penn state coach jerry sandusky spoke out again. he still maintains he's innocent. when asked whether or not he's sexually attracted to children, sandusky struggled to come up with an answer. eventually he said he's attracted to young people but his attorney had to clarify that he's attracted to spending time with children but not in a sexual way. the next step is a preliminary hearing. one of the accusers is expected to be a witness. >> a local attorney who represents one of the alleged victims of jerry sandusky spoke out about what he calls sandusky's attempts to mennize allegations -- minimize allegations against him. a 24-year-old man is victim six who attended dinner at sandusky's house this past march. victim six went to his moghtser in 1998 after sandusky admitted to showering with her son. >> what's behind that is an effort to, again, let's go down that influence road. let's go down that manipulation road and we can look at what his lawyers have done in connection with this. they are pointing to it to say, look, he attended a denar with me. what is that suggestin
developments this morning in the mounting child sex abuse charges facing jerry sandusky. behind bars after two more victims have come forward raising a number of alleged victims to 10. corinne redman is standing by live with the latest. >> reporter: the scandal facing injury sandusky is growing. this morning, he is in jail after being arrested on two new sexual abuse charges. sandusky seen here was in handcuffs wearing a penn state track suit when he was taken from the home charged with 12new counts based on a grand jury testimony from young men referred to as victim 9 and 10. sandusky was arraigned yesterday on the new charges and unable to post the 250,000 dollars bail. the two new accusers say they were molested or raped by san dust yike over a period of years starting when they were young boys but it is believed the boys met him through the charity the second mile which was for underprivileged children. >> jerry is saying what's next and i said don't ask that question. you know, don't ask can it get worst because it can. >> reporter: victim 9 that is 18 says sandusky began molesting him at
and seeing jerry sandusky, but did this last interview hurt or help his legal battle that lies ahead of him? >>> strong santa anna winds caused widespread damage , the worst isn't over as the area braces for another round. all the details coming up. >>> it's december 5th. i'm charley crowson. fog, the big story k over both my shoulders, see the live looks at the inner harbor, thick fog. now over to meteorologist, justin berk. >> so much weather, kuren redmond is doing wet for the west coast. dense fog on this december 5th, it is all about the fog from baltimore, down through arundel, maryland, most of the eastern shore. harford, cecil as we have the issue this morning, let's take a look, dense fog advisories queen ann, clint, caroline at the bottom. this is our date with destiny, 7 of the last ten years, brought us near record snowfall, including record snowfall in 2002. this time around, we don't have ourselves flakes, it's about the fog, bel air fogged out, roland park had the fog. downtown baltimore as we lost the lights across the harbor. temperatures mid-30s to low 40s. losing the fog
assistant football coach, jerry sandusky will appear in court in bell font, p pa. he faces 40 charges of rape, molestation in a child sex abuse scandal that involves 8 victims. he will face the victims this morning. a haiing, the prosecutors must convince a judge there is enough evidence to go to trial. sandusky says he is innocent. >>> it's a snowball effect following penn state. more accusations continue surfacing, at the aau in memphis, tennessee. two accusers say former aau president robert dodd abused them in the 80s. we talked to a local adult therapist who says penn state maybe a platform for victims to find their voices. >> its bravery and courage of people to come forward. >> dodd denied allegations when confronted by officials. he left the organization in november and police are investigating. the victims may learn to understand how the abuse has impacted their lives. >>> new details in to a fire that broke out monday night. it happened around 6:45, after 11:00 last night , the fire lit up again. crews got it under control. this is new video from the original scene. the fam
. the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal takes a dra mat uk turn as police in pennsylvania take him into custody. >> investigators reveal new and disturbing details from sandusky's abusers. it's thursday, december 8th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. bail for sandusky has been set at $250,000 in cash. the former coach expected to make bail when he goes to court later today. but for now he is spending the night in a jail cell. he still insists of course he never broke the law. >> this arrest prompted by two new abusers. >> ten. all ten so far. >> the scene some expected to see after the initial eight people came forward. now he gets to be behind bars if just for a short amount of time. the case unbelievable. also this morning, unforgettable call to 911. a california woman calls for help when she saw an intruder breaking in. she told police she had a gun. and we'll hear how the jaw dropping story end. amazing audio on the story as to what this woman did. >> later this hour, the reality tv show stunt that backfired. producers fired off a cannon. see the damage
" -- courtroom drama. the young men accusing former penn state coach jerry sandusky of sexual abuse are set to meet him today face to face. >> prosecutors are ready to question every one of them in front of a pennsylvania judge. it's tuesday, december 13th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. as many as 10 accusers may testify in the jerry sandusky hearing. taking place in a tiny pennsylvania town today. it is unclear if sandusky himself will take the stand. and there are new questions about what a key witness, mike mcqueary will say about what he saw and heard. >> extraordinary today he will see up to ten accusers in court face to face. some of them seen for the first time. not clear who the accusers are. he will see them for the first time. an extraordinary moment uncourt today. >> people are guessing he will testify. that is not going to happen >> you don't think he will take the stand? >> no. >> based on preachous interviews. >> based on that. defendants don't testify at preliminary hearings. we will hear the stories of so many of the young men today. >
so he felt that he had. prosecutors said jerry sandusky mow lessed children for at least six more years. >>> the fbi said it will now change the definition of rape, this after advocates thought the current description is too specific and only applies to women. the definitions a not been updated since 1929. the new definition includes a wide range of crimes send not gender specific. it will be official sometime next sprik -- spring. >>> this news comes days after a government survey outlines how widespread sexual assault is. one in four said they have been violently attacked by boyfriend or a husband. we have more and why victim advocacy groups say this could still underestimate the problem. it's in the featured story section on >>> well, most of the first day of the rookie league's hearing at fort meade revolved around the judge. attorneys for private first class bradley manning said the judge should step down. the justice department is currently investigating wikileaks founder julian assange. the court said he believed he was biased but did not immediately make a he
in the sex abuse scandal. the preliminary hearing of jerry sandusky begins in just hours. >> it will likely take most of the day, as several young men, as many as ten, face their accu accuser. all this happening in the small town of bellefont. tahman bradley has details. >> reporter: today, for the first time, former penn state coach jerry sandusky faces his accuser. some will explain under oath how sandusky molested them. ben an degree yoz si says his client is eager to take the stand. but the large number of press in attendance will not make it easy. >> i know it's going to be uncomfortable. but he's ready to go forward. >> any victim that goes forward with these types of cases is incredibly brave. but they have to face the person they're accusing. >> reporter: in what could be a setback for the prosecution, one of the key witnesses in the case, penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary is being called into question. mcqueary says he witnessed sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the team showers in 2002. and that he told head coach, joe paterno, and penn state officials about it. now, a l
>>> making news this morning, behind bars. >> new charges send jerry sandusky to jail, locking up the former coach a month after the penn state sex scandal shocked the nation. but could he still go free? >>> and millions will be waking up to a fresh coat of snow. a commuter mess from virginia to maine. >>> and one peppy point of view. seeing the game from a cheerleader's perspective. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> and i'm rob nelson. jerry sandusky wakes up in jail this morning, the first time he's been behind bars since the sex scandal at penn state began to unfold. >> the former coach was arrested on charges after two more young men came forward to say they, too, were abused. >> their stories, all now, sadly, familiar. >> reporter: jerry sandusky is looking for a way out of prison this morning, after failing to post $250,000 bail. the former penn state assistant football coach was handcuffed and arrested wednesday afternoon, on new child sex abuse charges. he now faces more than 50 counts of sexual abuse. >> jerry's scratching his head saying, what's next? i said, don't
victims who say jerry sandusky sexually abused them are ready to testify. outraged by his bombshell interview with "the new york times." >>> bottoms up, while the simple act of sitting can supersize you. >>> and made in america. meet some of the people back in work because of you. >>> good evening. you all know, neither rain, nor sleet or snow will stop the mail, even the most determined letter carrier cannot overcome bankruptcy. that's right, it's forcing the post office to make massive layoffs. 35,000 and that's by march 2012. services will be restricted in ways sure to be felt by all of us. especially when you consider this, each day americans send 563 million letters and packages. almost two pieces of mail every day for every one of us. tonight we tackle the questions can the post office be saved, should it and what does the shake-up mean for america's economy and you? sharyn alfonsi starts us off from one of the biggest post offices near penn station in manhattan. good evening, sharyn. >> reporter: good evening, make no mistake, big cuts that awill affect every home even at the
as the first lawsuit is filed against jerry sandusky for sexual abuse. here's abc's brad wheelis. >> reporter: it was a time for soul-searching at penn state. >> i feel shame. what do i do with these feelings? >> reporter: at a town hall meeting between students, faculty and administrators, the penn state dealt with the lasting mark at the school, as the result of a sex abuse scandal by jerry sandusky. one of argued that it was good -- >> it's important that we learn to question authority. and in many cases, being here and be part of this experience might actually make you a better human being. >> reporter: but there was more bad news for penn state. in the first civil suit filed against jerry sandusky, a now-29-year-old man alleges he was sexually assaulted by the former football coach more than 100 times between 1992 and 1996. the man is not one of the eight boys sandusky is already charged with molesting. his attorney read a statement from the plaintiff. >> i am hurting and have been for a long time. >> reporter: also named in the suit, penn state university and the second mile foundation,
abused by jerry sandusky more than 100 times. penn state students met with the new university president and administrators last night during the townhall meeting the students were told the school will be held to a new hypigher ethical standard. >>> evangelist billy graham has been admitted to the hospital. graham, 93, suffering from congestion, cough and fever. doctors say he was alert, smiling and waving to staff when he entered the hospital yesterday. he was last hospitalized in may for pneumonia and treated for ailments. >>> now that they have been evicted from their campsite, occupy appropriate testeprotest continue their campaign the they stopped outside police headquarters in fact where those who were arrested during the eviction were being held. >>> there are some complaints this morning from occupy protestors in los angeles. they were removed from their encampment early yesterday. kabc's carlos grandham has the latest now from l.a. >> reporter: police moved into the park at city hall, arrested nearly 300 protestors. the early morning raid shut down the encampment that had been t
jerry sandusky's alleged victims. this accuse of the child sex abuser, spoke on camera for the very first time, telling the "new york times" that he did nothing wrong. >> that interview sparked a lot of reaction. >>> also this morning -- there were fireworks when gary giordano was grilled last week. he's with us again this morning, he wants to respond to our interview with robyn gardner's boyfriend. >> it's going to be an interesting morning here. that's coming up soon. >>> but we do have some lighter fare as well this morning. including this dog, whose owners have trained him to do something very, very unusual. we'll tell you about that in a just a few minutes. this morning, the geezer bandit back at it. he just knocked off his 16th bank. is it really an old man or is that guy wearing a brilliant disguise? >>> we want to get straight to the news this morning. ron claiborne is on the set to talk about some breaking news overnight. >> good morning, everyone. >>> the annual oklahoma/oklahoma state rivalry is called the bedlam game and that's what happened last night in stillwater. in
. former penn state coach jerry sandusky is wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet this morning as his wife comes to his defense for the first time. dottie sandusky says all the accusations of sexual assault involving her husband are false. abc's jim avila reports. >> reporter: dottie sandusky left her home to bail out her husband of 45 years. handing over a $50,000 certified check and her house, for the remaining $200,000 in bond. after spending one night in jail, the former football coach is now under house arrest. for many including his accusers, it is not enough. >> i certainly hope that he is not a danger to anybody. but i also know a little bit about the nature of the disease. and it is like an addicting. >> reporter: dottie sandusky made her first comments on the charges against jerry. and now implicate her. a new accuser saying, she was in the house as she screamed for help from her basement. dottie sandusky says, i'm so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. no child who ever visited our home was ever forced to stay in our base the and fed
>>> a day after he was arrested following accusations of two new victims, jerry sandusky is home. >>> the race to the republican presidential nomination seems to be getting nastier. who's taking most of the heat and which of the candidates are fighting back. >>> aside from having someone to share a laugh with when someone as too much eggnog at the company party, the benefits of having someone to share it with. >>> jerry sandusky is once again out of jail. roosevelt leftwich joins us with the latest. >> reporter: sandusky faces more than 50 charges stemming from the horrific allegations of sexual abuse. he is charged with molesting two young boys he met through his second mile association. >> jerry is always willing. we've made it known. >> reporter: victim nine claims sandusky specifically told him to stay in the room. he say the meals in the basement and the food would be brought to him by sandusky. it raised questions about what sandusky's wife dottie knew about the alleged molestations. victim nine said he was 10 to 12 years old during the attacks and said he saw sandusky's wi
to fight sexual abuse. now learn what else penn state will plan in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal. >>> are you thinking of take your kit to sit on sant' lap? -- santa's lap? some doctors say it might do your kid more harm than good. look what denny's left for my dad, santa! christmas cookie pancakes. milk & cookies shake. i think santa needs a helper. come try arthur christmas's favorites. only at denny's. and see arthur christmas only in theaters. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> news time 5:46. top stories we are following for you on this wednesday morning. the fda will decide today if it should ease restrictions on who can obtain plan b. right now it's available over the counter if you have the proof you are 17 years old. but the decision could be made today and it could make it over- the-counter and easier to get. >>> a wreath laying ceremony at world war ii memorial in dc marking the 70th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. it includes a presentation of the colors by the armed force color guard and musical tribute by the u.s. marine band. it takes place at
that the dream act cannot legally be subjected to referendum. >>> injury sandusky is a-- jerry sandusky has more victims coming forward now up to 10. we have the latest on coach sandusky and what's going on with the case because the first argument was he was charged and released and now he is in jail. >> reporter: there seems to be no end for the scannedda facing former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. ness jail after being arrested on two -- he is in jail after being arrest on two new charges. he is wearing a penn state track suit when he was taken from his home e was arraigned on new charges but unable to post 250,000 dollars bail. the two new accusers identified as victims 9 and 10 say they were molested or raped by sandusky over a period of years starting when they were young boys. it's believe the boys met sandusky through his charity the second mile which was for underprivileged children. sandusky's preliminary hearing is tuesday where eight accusers are set to testify. if he is able to post bail he will be ordered to wear a electronic ankle monitor and subject to house arrest. >
that sent authorities straight to the home of former penn state coach jerry sandusky? the coach, this time, taken away in hand cups. >>> then, an abc news exclusive. barbara walters inside syria, with the only one-on-one with syria's 'embattled president. >> why is this such a brutal crackdown? >> does he fear civil war? does he sense the circle closing around him? barbara is right here with us tonight. >>> family values. why mitt romney is hoping voters will focus on this image tonight, as the gloves come off, taking aim at the new front-runner. >>> that famous question, and our question tonight for the ceo of ford who turned that car maker around. what is the key to bringing america back? >>> kicked off. after alec baldwin booted after that battle, who was right? the famous actor or the flight attendant? >>> and pearl harbor. the image we learned today we will never see again. >>> good evening. diane is on assignment tonight. and we begin here with two major stories this evening. barbara walters and her skwloouf one-on-one with syria's embattled president. face to face as she asks why th
. >>> and more trouble for former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky after two more accusers come forward. the full story coming up. >>> good morning. i am charley crowson. weather is the big story. many of us hoping to be dry but things are cooler. let's look where the rain and flurries seem to be letting up. this morning, we have live team coverage of the first bit of wintery weather and we begin with justin berk live with how things were and what we can expect in the days to come. >> all right. it was a bad storm no doubt about that. this one is going to go down for the justification of how explosive it got. record rainfall bwi over 2 1/3 inches. that's almost w the old record for the dates going back to 1876. wind gusted over 40 miles per hour but the snow melted for many. you know, we will have -- melted for many. 38 right now in baltimore. wind gusting to 24 miles per hour. and it's all about the gusty winds. sunshine will take us into the lower 40s. i quickly do want to show you what it looks like north of the border. shrews berry pennsylvania a dusting. and there's the tim
. >>> the latest tonight on the penn state sex abuse scandal. jerry sandusky will face his accusers in court. they're expected to give details under oath about how sandusky molested them years ago. but the prosecutor's star witness may be changing his tune. >> reporter: this started with what mike mcquery saw. did the assistant coach actually see jerry sandusky sodomize a 10-year-old boy in a penn state shower in 2002 or just hear what he thought was a sex act. according to an article in the patriot news, a friend of the mcquery family told the grand jury he spoke with him on the night of the alleged incident and that mcquery said he never saw sandusky having sex with a boy. >> mcquery is the only eyewitness. >> reporter: penn state students rioted when joe paterno was fired. he insists mcquery never saw it. >> these allegation are false. i didn't do those things. >> reporter: that will be the big issue during the preliminary hearing, put it star witness is deemed too inconsistent, that could jeopardize the case against sandusky. >> it is significant. if it's true that hey's giving these different
of the penn state sex abuse scandal opens up. what jerry sandusky is saying now about the charges against him. >>> and good morning, everyone, i'm dan kloeffler sitting in for rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. we begin with morning with a possible threat to u.s. security. iran says they have shot down a u.s. drone. the cutting edge technology may have fall on the america's enemies. abc's tahman bradley joins us from washington. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, dan and sunny. the aircraft was reportedly used to spy on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. now iran says it's recovered the aircraft. the claim was made on iranian state television that they shot down and captured an unmanned u.s. spy plane. they say it was the rq-170. a secret groan that can presumably go without detection. it could be a significant capture, if true. >> important secrets can be lost by looking at the kind of material on the skin or looking at the kinds of shapes employed. >> reporter: the u.s. military acknowledges that a reconnaissance plane crashed. official says it was not shot down. a seni
of the proass the. >>> weave heard from jerry sandusky twice since accusers came forward claiming he sexually abused them. there will be a hearing today. sherrie johnson is standing by with new reaction and what could be taking place. >> former penn state assistant coach, jerry sandusky faces accuserrers in court for the first time. some will explain how sandusky allegedly molested them. in what could be a set back for the prosecution, with up telephone key witnesses, penn state assistant coach, mcqueary's testimony is called in to question. he says he witnessed sandusky raping a boy in the team showers in 2002 and told the head coach and penn state officials about it. now a local paper says a mcqueary friend told the grand jury he spoke with mcqueary the night of the incident and mcqueary said he never saw sex only encounter that seemed suspicious. the victims admit will be an emotional and difficult day. >> there will be a adversarial process for them and unfor a momentable. he is ready to go forward. >> any victim that goes forward with these types of case says brave. they have to face the
have to use your best judgment. >>> coming up, jerry sandusky once again a free man tonight but that freedom came at a hefty price. the latest on the scandal surrounding the former penn state coach. >>> cot fountain of -- could the fountain of youth be in washington, d.c. residents of 1600 pennsylvania avenue may live longer lives. >>> >>> women are being warned about taking certain types of contraceptives. today's was on bayer's yasmi) the ortho he va patch and others were linked to high blood clot links. a former official has accused bear of being aware of the risks and hiding the evidence. >>> we've got good news for those seeking the office of president. the common assumption has been that the president ages faster and dies younger. now a study found that many presidents live longer than their peers. they live seven years longer than spuptd. month recent presidents, ronald reagan and ford were 93. the last eight presidents, seven lived longer than expected, the exception lyndon johnson who died of a heart attack. he was 64. >>> many are skipping the long waits at the hos
to crack down for real on those cell phones in our cars. >>> courthouse surprise. jerry sandusky, his wife by his side, cancels a showdown with the young men who say he sexually abused them. >>> getting action. after an abc news investigation, a billion dollars wasted with the government making coins no one wants. tonight, the mint agrees to stop the presses. >>> the real running mates. the republican front-runners deploying wives as secret weapons. how these two women could change the race. >>> and mr. mom. a stunning change in american families. have you noticed something very different on television and in your neighbor's living room? >>> good evening. today, the nation's top safety official said enough is enough. all those lectures about putting down the cell phones and blackberries when behind the wheel are not working. that distracted drivers are still causing 600,000 crashes and 3,000 deaths every year. so, today, the national transportation safety board said they want urgent action to ban cell phones for drivers, period, and failure to comply should mean that drivers pay a very tou
, to that stunning turn in the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. the former penn state coach showed up at court yesterday, where he was supposed to face his accusers. but instead, he waived his right to the hearing. he's simply ready to go to trial. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: >> reporter: jerry sandusky went to court with a secret. his trademark grin on his face, wife at his side. >> the move was the first smart move i've seen from his attorney. >> reporter: after weeks of promising a grueling public confrontation with all ten of his accusers, the defense changed its mind. waiving the preliminary hearing and instead pleading not guilty and heading directly to trial. >> we fully intend to put together the best possible defense that we can do. stay the course. play for four quarters. >> this is a fight to the death. this is the fight of jerry sandusky's life. >> reporter: the grand courtroom filled with 250 lottery-winning spectators, including sandusky's wife, his children and supporters. all set for drama. but the alleged victims, waiting in the wings to testify, never
to the new comments from jerry sandusky, speaking out about the child sex abuse charges against him. and when the reporter asked whether the coach is attracted to children, he begins to answer. and then watch what happens as the coach is coached by his attorney. here's abc's t.j. winick. >> reporter: in this no-holds-barred interview with "the new york times," jerry sandusky maintains he is innocent of molesting eight boys for 15 years. >> i didn't do those things. >> reporter: so, why has the former penn state assistant football coach had such a difficult time tackling the one question everyone wants answered? first posed to him in a phone interview last month. >> are you sexually attracted to young, boys, underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted, you know, i enjoy young people. >> reporter: for sandusky's alleged victims and their families, it was an especially cringe-worthy moment. >> i asked him about how he felt he had done on the answer and mr. sandusky said he wished he had done it differently. >> reporter: but just like the first time a
. >>> prosecutors this morning are looking into if jerry sandusky's wife failed to report the allegations of child abuse. one of the claims alleges that dottie sandusky was in the home when former coach p jerry sandusky abused them in the basement. she says the accusers are lying. she released a statement yesterday and the lawyers of one of the alleged victims believes we're going to hear mo about the wife coming up next week. >> i believe that at the preliminary hearing we will likely hear more information specifically from victim number four as to mrs. sandusky and what information mrs. sandusky may have known about the actions of her husband, including sexual assault. >> jerry sandusky posted a $250,000 bail yesterday after police arrested him wednesday. he's been order today wear an electronic monitoring device and stay away from his accusers and also away from their families. >>> baltimore county bliss will be on the look -- police will be on the lookout for sex offenders this holiday season. plain-clothessed officers will be placed at busy areas in shopping malls. officers will be trained t
state. jerry sandusky chose to waive tuesday's hearing, avoiding an emotional confrontation with his accusers. but he vowed to fight all the sexual abuse charges. and his attorney, joe amendola, called it a fight to the death. first, here's abc's jim avila. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. one attorney told me it was the first smart move made by the defense. a decision to pull the threats of open accusers in open court. and more details in this case overcame that bravado. as he left home for court, jerry sandusky was keeping a secret. as he arrived at court, he ignored shouted questions from reporters. perhaps, now, we know why. >> mr. sandusky, how do you feel about the opportunity to face your accusers, sir? are you looking forward to it? >> reporter: sandusky and his attorney had changed their minds about any open-court showdown with his alleged victims. >> as hurtful as it was to son-in-law of the survivors to be built up and not testify, this was smart for sandusky. >> reporter: with his accusers standing by, sandusky's attorney waived the right to a prelim
scandal. the intensifying focus on jerry sandusky's wife. did she know about the alleged abuse and could she be prosecuted? her husband's lawyer is speaking out. abc's t.j. winick is with us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. he may be free on bail but jerry sandusky is under house arrest with three days before he faces his accusers in a pennsylvania courtroom. his attorney told us it will be extremely stressful for the former football coach, whose wife may also now have to answer serious questions about what she knew and when. it was dottie sandusky who bailed out her husband of 45 years after jerry sandusky was charged with sexually abusing two more boys from his second mile foundation. his attorney visited him and admitted this is an uphill battle. >> this is the legal battle of my life. i've had some big ones. i compare this to climbing mt. everest from the bottom. >> reporter: mrs. sandusky is accused of being upsnars their state college ranch-style home all while her husband allegedly molested boys in a basement bedroom. victim number nine told the grand jury, he saw dot
to get to today. a big day in the case against former penn state coach jerry sandusky. the key eyewitness finally testified in court. we'll tell you what he said. whether his story changed, and just how damaging it could be. >> it could be very damaging. >>> a story that sounds like a premise for a tv show. an nfl star that makes millions leading a double life as a drug kingpin. that's what police say sam hurd of the chicago bears has been doing. how did this devout christian and dedicated family man get into such serious trouble? >>> a great story for you. a week before christmas eve. a story of the season. about a bunch of secret santas. why are they showing up at a bunch of kmarts and the good deeds they're doing. we'll tell you what's going on there. >> what these people are doing is incredible. >>> we're going to start this morning with ron claiborne with breaking news from overnight. >> good morning, everyone. senate leaders have reached a deal to avert payroll tax hike affecting millions of americans that would go into effect on new year's day 2012. the senate votes this morning on
to figure out who she was. >>> former pool -- penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is headed for coach. the main witness, who claimed to have seen sandusky abuse a boy in the shower, has changed his story. >> awfully frigid. look at some of the lows, 16. 20s in the city. tonight we'll see upper 20s, less in the way of teens. most of us in the 30s falling towards freezing in frederick. take a look across the state, a few clouds blowing in but no precipitation. we stay dry tonight, which is go.d any precip we get would be of the wintry variety. could be rain out there. that's coming up. >>> we've been through black friday and cyber monday. now another holiday shopping milestone. today has been dubbed green monday. that's because online sales are expected to hit more than $1 billion and also expected to be the busiest day in history for fedex. we got a firsthand look at all the shipping action. >> reporter: the boxes have been packed. now they're ready to be shipped. it's being called their busiest day in history with online shopping sales expected to hit more than $1 billion. fedex expec
the demonstrators out -- out of mckeldin scare. >> jerry sandusky and his attorney waved a right to
said he was not moved. >>> we are learning more about the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. sandusky will face all victims in court. >> the victims have quite the resolve to get up there, tell their story and make the truth known. >> former pennsylvania prosecutor kathleen cain has put hundreds of abuse ares in prison. cain said the machine will be cross-examined by the defense just as in an actual trial and their identities are likely to be hidden. he had a second interview, this time with the new york times. he said they twisted his innocent mentoring into the making of a monster. >>> for some it's hard to pick up the right gift. so you take the easy route and get a gift card. depending on where you buy it, it could be risky. >> reporter: kelly, gift cards are a multibillion dollar industry and scammers want a piece of the cash. the better business bureau is warning about gift card scams, so is the federal government's internet crime center. it's prime season for scammers. with the big racks of cards it can be easy for scammers to write down the numbers or scan them. go f
-- anyone who knows about the abuse to come forward. >>> there will be a hearing at 8:30 regarding jerry sandusky. 10 young men who have accused him of having assaulted them will tell their stories in public for the first time. now, through his attorney we found out there is no talk of any deal at this time and he is looking forward to facing his accusers tomorrow. >>> many victims may not know where to turn. the process can be difficult. go into a station first and it may not be the best way to bring justice. go to the police. file a report f that's intimidating try social services they can navigate people through the process. >>> a family lost a net a house fire. fire broke out around 6:45. the family was not home at the time. neighbors heard an explosion. the cause of the fire. we hope to bring you more. tune in for the latest updates. >>> if you were on the beltway tonight at 7:00. did you feel something hit your car? >> police received calls from people who said rocks were falling and hitting their cars. troopers rushed to the scene where they found 15 cars with dents. they think th
reporting what graduate statute mike mcqueary told them about jerry sandusky. sandusky said he's innocent of the more than 50 charges, all sexual assault charges over a 12-year span. >>> a cold case is being reopened by the fbi in hopes of catching a killer and rapist. d.c. police are sending out sketches of the potomac river rapist. he's the suspect in eight rapes and one murder a $25,000 reward is being offered. >>> more legal troubles now for the annapolis man accused of scamming local schools. abc2 news was the first to tell you about criminal charges filed against joseph gill in queen anne's. a new charge has been filed after hearing from a pta group. they paid hundreds for gill to bring in an athlete but he couldn't deliver. dozens of local schools have made similar claims. >>> weather byes, clouds have thickened up. take a look. first, out to the west, you see a few showers towards garrett county and quite a bit of rain. it looks like a lot of this will stay to our south but as we check the radar, you can see decent weather to the south. it's down to the southern areas where you do
.s. is explaining the image. >>> speaking out. now, the wife weighing in. former penn state coach jerry sandusky accused of sexual abuse. one victim saying while the wife was home. what she's saying tonight and it is aimed at the alleged victims. >>> the bill dollar apology. the former senator and famous investment boss telling investors he has no idea where their money went. >>> and the christmas craze. "modern family" and the not so modern movement tonight. what you sent in us to tonight. you pick the winner. >>> good evening. diane is on assignment tonight. today, when the first bulletins came into the news room at another gunman at virginia tech, that he opened fire, there were immediate fears. the massacre of four years ago was happening all over again. the images came in, showing a student body on lockdown, officers barricading doors and outside there, two officers embracing after a campus filled with fear that it was happening again. in the end, the gunman shot an officer dead and it is believed he then turned the gun on himself. abc's jim sciutto is at virginia tech tonight. >> reporter:
. >> makes me angry. >>> coming up next on this friday morning, jerry sandusky, back home again after new claims he abused a boy in his own basement. sandusky's wife is also speaking out for the first time. >>> and a cringe-inducing moment, as the steelers ben roethlisberger goes down. [ female announcer ] why shop at walgreens for your stocking stuffers? so you don't have to deal with this. [ crying ] i just wanted some stocking stuffers. what am i -- invisible? are you serious? don't get involved. everybody's bumping me! [ woman crying ] [ female announcer ] just go to walgreens. one simple trip to find everything you need to stuff every stocking. and don't forget the hershey's kisses chocolates. now earn up to $20 in jingle cash good on your next purchase of $30 or more. shopping. simplified. with walgreens...there's a way. >>> and time, now, for a look at your morning road conditions. take it slow around the great lakes. especially icy along i-90, from chicago east through rochester, new york. and i-94, from chicago to detroit. also expect poor visibility along i-5, from seattle south
campus, the wife of former penn state coach jerry sandusky is now defending her husband, saying the accusers are making the stories up. dottie sandusky made a statement thursday. it's the first time we've heard from her since her husband's first arrest last month. lawyers for one of the alleged victims believes we're about to hear more and that's going to be coming up next week. >> i believe that at the preliminary hearing we will likely hear more information, specifically from victim number four as to mrs. sandusky and what information mrs. sandusky may have known about the actions of her husband, including sexual assault. >> an accuser has said that he yelled ford help when he was being abused in the sandusky's basement, knowing his wife was upstairs. jerry sandusky is out right now on bail and has been ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device and stay away from his accusers as well as their families. >>> new out today, la bellea merrick who pled guilty to charges in connection with a stabbing death of a hopkins researcher will be back in court. she is accused of violat
police officer. >>> and jerry sandusky out on bail after two new accusers step forward. what the court has ordered him to do under these new bail guidelines. >>> operation side stepping bean hound, protestors and protestors clash -- protestors and police clash in the streets as things get out of hand. we'll take a look at that on this december 9th. good morning, i'm charley krauss. the weekend is upon us. how will things look today? let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> it's clear, calm and crisp, we're dry. maryland's most powerful thrard, temperature 29 baltimore, we've adjusted 32 in easton, while we're in the mid- 20s to near 30 this morning, sunrise at 7:14. we'll make our way into the 40s today, just a little bit above the normal of 45. i think we make it to 49. i think we see some high clouds streaming streaming in here this afternoon and a partly cloudy night, so it shouldn't be as cold. we'll have the weekend outlook in just a moment. here's angela with traffic. reporter: justin, on the road for -- roads for you this friday morning, as you get ready to head out,
at >> stay with us. >>> this morning on "world news now" -- speaking out. jerry sandusky insists he is innocent in his first on-camera interview since the penn state sex abuse scandal broke. >> sandusky also admitted he is attracted to young boys. it's monday, december 5th. >>> and a good monday morning to you. i'm dan kloeffler in for rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin. what a bizarre interview. and at one point jerry sandusky's attorney had to jump in and stop it, comments, clarifications and questions raised after the coach spoke out again, again, about the sex abuse scandal. >> i want to get your thoughts on that as a lawyer, how you kind of coordinate this message coming out there. when you hear this there is head scratching moments. >> every single attorney i have spoken to they have all thought it was just is allowing his ie to discuss this. >> abc is preparing for saturday's debate. donald trump, at the same time not ruling out in fact jumping back into the presidential race. this was a big surprise. >> i don't believe him. he wants more viewers for the apprentice. >> could
. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> the wife of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is speaking out in support of her husband denying the charges against him. dotty spoke for the first time yesterday hours after jerry was released on bail. sandusky was taken in to police custody wednesday after new charges were filed against him based on two new accuser whose say he sexually abused him. one said he screamedded for help hoping dotty would help. that has some wondering for she could be in trouble. >> i think the attorney general's office would be hard pressed trying to pursue criminal action against dotty in the absence of direct proof that assuming which we deny, but assuming the allegations are true, that she úwc.Ñknew anything about the allegations. >> sandusky will be in court next week for a hearing but legal experts believe whatever happens at the criminal trial the couple will likely face civil lawsuits that could bankrupt them. >>> while his name has been ab cents from headlines this week, the results of a poll are out. half of those asked support the firing
this morning what jerry sandusky accusers are planning to do when the coach appears in court on sexual assault charges next week. also some insight this morning into why sandusky's legal team is letting00 in talk when he seems to only be making his case worse. these interviews i find beyond disturbing. >> i can't wait to hear the inside scoop about the lawyer's strategy. doesn't make sense to me. >> what could possibly be the strategy? >> we'll see. this half-hour, a real emergency for fire fighters and paramedics their fire station invaded by bed bugs. ah, no laughing matter. >> no one likes a bed bug story. it's creepy isn't it. we'll get to that in a second. we begin with drastic changes ahead for the postal service. thousand of employees now expected to lose their jobs. >> that's right. mail is going to take longer to arrive. abc's scott goldberg with more on the cutbacks. good morning, scott. >> reporter: rob, sunny, we don't use pens and paper like we used to that's why the postal service says it is drowning in red ink. if this is how you still pay bills and send letters you might soon b
on "world news now" -- angry accusers. the young men who say penn state coach, jerry sandusky molested them, call him now a coward. >> that's after sandusky backed out of a preliminary court hearing at the last minute in a major legal surprise. it's wednesday, december 14th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. a surprise move in pennsylvania. i don't think anyone was expecting that when sandusky's legal team waived his right to a preliminary hearing. we'll explain what happened in court and what's next. for both sides. >> i know you have a lot to say. about this, you didn't see this coming? >> i did not. i don't think anyone did. >> wonder what the strategy is. that's the question now. does this make sense? now this will go directly to trial. >> i have some ideas. >> i think probably the smartest thing he has done. >> we'll get to more of that. an intruder accused in a church break-in picked the wrong place. this pastor packed some heat as a trained battlefield soldier before he took his career in a higher direction. what went down before services got start
maryland." >>> new legal troubles for former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. >>> and dos arrested in dc as the occupy protests gets nasty on k street. and kicking off maryland half marathon by remembering the most unique participants. we will look at that on this thursday, december 8th. good morning. i am charley crowson but we haveto get to weather because that's the story for the past 24 hours and justin berk is standing by with what we have for today. >> i took this picture in york county. put the date stamp on there on the 8th of december. snows--- snow on many cars and this is the icing on the cake that a lot of you are missing. where's your snow. we will talk about it. we will see why the computer is doing this this morning. we are talking about rain at bwi and storms did about everything else and was expected. record rainfall 2.83 inches. show at bwi a trace that was too hard to overcome and all that warm wet ground and i did overestimate how much that snow would really account for the change in temperatures but the winds gusted to 40 miles per hour and yes we had snow phot
on from progress at the heather ridge condos. >>> jerry sandusky speaks out again about the sex abuse charges against him. why his comments are raising eyebrows this morning, coming p. >>> ravens, big day. highlights of ray rice, ray rice, ray rice, and ray rice. all of that coming up on this monday, december 5th. good morning maryland, i'm charley crowson. let's get to the weather. this is big today, fog out there, dense in several places. going to affect your commute. >>> on facebook and twitter last night i suggested ray rice might hit 200 yards thanks to the rain condition. the weather forecast, the football forecast, we've got fog this morning, that's our issue, streaming in moisture ahead of the boundary, locked rain from ohio, back across the great lakes. that system is almost stalled make making progress. relatively warm conditions, thick fog, 37 baltimore. it's 40s to the eastern shore, lock of 40s and 50s to the west. pocket of cool air in between and working the moisture out this morning. watching the 50s towards our west. we will be watching the frontal boundary making th
allegations about jerry sandusky. gary schultz and athletic director tim curley are charged with lying to a grand jury and failing to report sex abuse allegations to authorities. then graduate assistant mike mcqueary is at the heart of the case and they say that he is going to testify possibly for the first time in public. he told a grand jury he saw sandusky raping a boy but curley and schultz remember inappropriate conduct. >>> police are trying to figure out what caused a accident that killed a parkville high school sophomore before 3 in the afternoon on the corner of putty hill and wilson avenues. 16-year-old ryan chase was hit by two cars as he was trying to cross the street. both drivers are cooperating with police and so far no charges have been filed. >>> this morning, ryan chase's family is trying to come to grips with the loss. his cousin talked to abc 2 news and told us about the 16-year- old and abc2 news corinne redman is here with part of the story. >> reporter: well, he comes from large family with roots in east baltimore. many family members gathered at a home on elwood
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